Mobile Spy keeps an eye on Android users

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Nov. 9, 2009 (5:10 pm) By: Brian Osborne

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The Android mobile operating system continues to gain market share with the latest release of Verizon’s Droid and T-Mobile’s announcement of four different Android phones to be offered during the fourth quarter. With more Android phones being used there may be a need to keep track of the owners who use them which is why Mobile Spy is now available for the OS.

Mobile Spy has been previously available for the BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Symbian OS mobile phones. As the name implies, the application allows for a smartphone to be monitored silently. Once installed the application will be able to keep track of GPS locations, incoming and outgoing text messages and call information. Once activity is logged the information is uploaded to a private account for review before any information can be deleted from the phone. The software is being marketed for use to monitor kids and employees and is available through the Mobile Spy website. Subscriptions can be billed annually, semi-annually and quarterly and are priced $99.97, $69.97 and $49.97 respectively.

Though I am sure most people are uncomfortable with the notion that software like this is available the unfortunate fact is that there is a need for it. It is not uncommon these days for parents to use tools to keep an eye on their child’s activities in an indirect way that allows them to maintain some independence. As far as employees, there have been more than one company sued by an employee for unfair termination. Having evidence gathered from a company owned mobile phone may just prevent such litigation from occurring.

Read more at the Mobile Spy press release and website.

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