Photoshop hits Google Android handsets

Nov. 9, 2009 (11:34 am) By: John Brownlee


Adobe’s Photoshop suite has long been the go-to software for legions of image editing professionals and amateurs alike, but it’s a chunky piece of software that can seize up even some of the beefiest machines through a combination of poor optimization and advanced features.

Still, with the sudden glut of digicam smartphones hitting the market, it was only a matter of time before Adobe started rolling out some stripped down version of Photoshop for Mobiles. About a month ago, they made their opening stab at the market, by way of their first iPhone app: Mobile for iPhone. Unsurprisingly, they’re now following that up with a similarly named sister program for Android called Mobile for Android.

Like the iPhone version, Mobile for Android is primarily a light image editing program that interfaces with’s own Flickr-like online image hosting surface. The functionality is almost identical: auto-rotate, cropping, straightening, flipping, color correction and , numerous filters are available to play with. You can then send the photos to be deposited online at your page.

Unlike the iPhone version, though, the Android version is a little bit clunkier. There’s no real multi-touch support, which means that instead of pinching and twisting to straighten photos, you need to go through a menu item to achieve the same thing. But in some others ways, it’s better: the phone’s photo library is displayed within the application, unlike the iPhone version, and you can run a slideshow of the pictures on your phone.

Like Mobile for iPhone, the Android version is free to download. It’s now available on the Android Marketplace.

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