Development Release Elementary OS 0.4 Beta

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Joherujo - Elementary OS is an Ubuntu-based desktop distribution as A fast and open replacement for Windows and OS X. Some of its more interesting features include a custom desktop environment called Pantheon and many custom apps including Photos, Music, Videos, Calendar, Terminal, Files, and more. It also comes with some familiar apps like the Midori web browser and Geary mail.

New Development Snapshot

The developers of elementary OS have released a new development snapshot. The new beta, elementary OS 0.4 Beta, carries the code name "Loki" and is built using software from the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS repositories.

Elementary OS

One of the significant new features is the removal of tools which make it easy to (accidentally) install software which has not been vetted. "In the interest of promoting secure software installation methods, as of this release there is no default application for handling .deb packages and the command-line tool add-apt-repository is not available by default. 

These tools are available to install from the default repositories, but the stance going forward is that software should come from vetted, secure sources or in sandboxed package formats. If you're worried about how users will be able to get and install your applications, don't panic! We'll have a follow-up announcement soon." Further information can be found in the project's release notes. Download: elementaryos-0.4-beta-amd64.20160613.iso (1,179MB, pkglist).

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