Samsung introduces open mobile platform bada

Nov. 10, 2009 (10:17 am) By: Matthew Humphries

badaSamsung has decided to throw its hat into the mobile OS arena with the announcement of bada.

bada is an open platform for use on mobile devices putting it in direct competition with the likes of Android, LiMo, and to some extent Symbian, and Windows Mobile. Samsung intends to keep bada a completely open platform allowing developers to extend and use it however they wish. It will also be supported with the now expected app store each new platform must have; appropriately called the Samsung Application Store.

We won’t have long to wait to see bada in action as Samsung is doing a proper unveiling in the UK next month with the first device running the OS expected early next year. Samsung also intends to phase out its use of third-party operating systems by 2012 with Symbian dropped by 2011 and Windows Mobile being dropped out more slowly.

Dr Hosoo Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of Media Solution Center at Samsung Electronics, said:

By opening Samsung’s mobile platforms we will be able to provide rich mobile experiences on an increasing number of accessible smartphones. bada will be Samsung’s landmark, iconic new platform that brings an unprecedented opportunity for operators, developers and Samsung mobile phone users around the world.

Samsung chose the name bada as it means ocean in Korean, a word they feel represents just how open the platform is going to be.

Read more at the bada Blog, found via Electronista

Matthew’s Opinion

Mobile developers are used to having to create apps for a huge array of different platforms, but with the arrival of the iPhone and Android it did look for a time like it was going to get easier. Now more and more platforms are arriving as different manufacturers try to create their own ecosystems for mobile devices.

We may only see a handful of these platforms and the fact they are for the most part open helps, but it does mean more work for the developer who wants to release an app across all phones. With the iPhone being flooded with apps developers do need to start looking to other handsets to get their apps noticed and bought. The next clear choice is Android, but with companies like Nokia and Samsung shipping millions of phones each year they can’t be ignored.

Interested developers should keep an eye on the bada blog with the developer site opening at some point in December. There is also going to be a bada Developer Challenge started once the developer site is live giving the opportunity to win “big prizes” and get some coverage in the new Samsung Application Store.

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