Distribution Release: SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP2

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Joherujo - SUSE has announced the release of a new service pack for SUSE Linux Enterprise.

The new software, SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Service Pack 2, offers a number of performance improvements and bug fixes. However, the biggest news is SUSE's support for a wide range of hardware, such as ARM-powered devices.

The distribution is also introducing enterprise level support for Raspberry Pi computers: "Go ahead and adapt to new technologies in your data centers to reduce power hungry infrastructure and replace it with power efficient ARM 64 architectures. 

Don't be left behind in catching the wave of new uses for the Raspberry Pi. SUSE is one of the first to bring enterprise support for Raspberry Pi and 64-bit ARM v8-A platforms. 

In mixed IT environments you can easily stay ahead of the curve with full support for IBM Power Systems, OpenPOWER servers and the newest virtualization capabilities of IBM KVM and z/VM."

Further information can be found in the Highlights document. SUSE Linux Enterprise is a commercial product with 60-day free trials available from the company's Download page (pkglist).

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